I'm a multimedia artist and a multimedia maniac! Making videos since I was 14, I got into the world of audio art and noise around the age of 19, upon discovering Tod Dockstader, David Lee Myers and the incredible Asmus Tietchens among hundreds more. Noise came a bit later into the picture, around the end of 2012. It all started with classic Merzbow, to no surprise I'm sure. But my taste in the genre is pretty widespread. I'm not too hard to please when it comes to any kind of noise. HNW I really need to be in the mood for though.

Welcome to my life....

MikeDAmato - Mumble Me A River - 01 Mumble Me A River.mp3

Basement Recordings.mp3 Basement Recordings.mp3
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Type : mp3
Hooked On Plunderphonics & Other Things.zip Hooked On Plunderphonics & Other Things.zip
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Looping Madness Refined.zip Looping Madness Refined.zip
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Morality In A Sea (World) Of Shit.zip Morality In A Sea (World) Of Shit.zip
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Plunderphonica (Tribute To John Oswald).zip Plunderphonica (Tribute To John Oswald).zip
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Pianography.zip Pianography.zip
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Popculture Overload.mp3 Popculture Overload.mp3
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Subjectivity Is Existence.zip Subjectivity Is Existence.zip
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Below is a project of its own, but no need to make an exclusive page for it, as only one album (from 2015) was ever made...

masculine estrogen.zip masculine estrogen.zip
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